Fishing Report

Fishing report for Saturday, August 1, 2015 :

Partly sunny, ocean smooth as glass and small shore-breakers. Fishing was good early with catches of SPOT, SEA MULLET and BLUEFISH. A 33-inch FALSE ALBACORE has been caught and released this morning. Ocean water temp 70 degrees. Wind S at 8 mph. High tides 8:39 a.m. and 9:08 p.m. Low tide 2:46 p.m. Surf contest south beach.


Fishing report for Friday, July 31, 2015 : Foggy and cool with winds blowing from the North at 10 mph. The temperature is 73 degrees and the water is grassy and cold at 62 degrees. Fishing is very slow, but anglers have caught SEA MULLET, SPOT and BLUE FISH. High tide was at 7:44 this morning and will be at 8:08 tonight. Low tide will be at 1:55 this afternoon. The FULL MOON rises at 8:13 tonight.

Fishing report for Thursday, July 30, 2015 : One nice SEA MULLET and some PIGFISH. Mostly sunny, wind S 15-20 mph. Small underlying swell, water temp 68 degrees. High tide 6:52 a.m. and 7:19 p.m. Low tide 1:02 p.m.

Fishing report for Wednesday, July 29, 2015 : There were some scattered SPANISH MACKEREL, BLUEFISH, SPOT and one BURRFISH decked this morning, but fishing has slowed with the dropping tide. Mostly sunny, wind light SE. Small background swell, water temp 74 degrees. High tide 6:00 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. Low tide 12:08 p.m.

Fishing report for Tuesday, July 28, 2015 : Just a few TRIGGERFISH and SPOT today. Sunny, wind SE 5-10 mph. Small underlying swell, water temp 78 degrees. High tide 5:05 a.m. and 5:39 p.m. Low tide 11:14 a.m.

Fishing report for Monday, July 27, 2015 : Scattered BLUEFISH, SPOT, SAND PERCH. Partly sunny, wind SSE 5-10 mph. Practically flat seas, water temp a balmy 81 degrees. Low tide 10:18 a.m. and 11:21 p.m. High tide 4:47 p.m.

Fishing report for Friday, July 24, 2015 :

Just some SPOT and PIGFISH this morning. Storms are clearing out but it is still cloudy, wind ENE 20 mph. Sloppy choppy windswell, water temp 77 degrees. Low tide 7:39 a.m. and 8:29 p.m. High tide 2:06 p.m. Zachary Paulette from Franklin, Va. caught this nice 27 pound COBIA on a live spot late yesterday afternoon.


Fishing report for Thursday, July 23, 2015 : Michael Allen of Manteo, NC landed a 7.57 lb., 28-inch SPANISH MACKEREL first thing this morning. Several other SPANISH MACKEREL were also decked along with SPOT, SEA MULLET and BLUEFISH throughout the morning. This afternoon only small BLACK SEA BASS are coming over the rail. Mostly cloudy and pleasant, wind SE 10 mph. Flat seas with a slight chop, water temp 76 degrees. Low tide 6:53 a.m. and 7:33 p.m. High tide 1:16 p.m.

Fishing report for Wednesday, July 22, 2015 :

Calvin Selph from Warsaw, Va. decked a 34lbs COBIA around 11 a.m. Our good run of SPOT first thing this morning has slowed to almost nothing but an occasional small PINFISH. Sunny and cooler, wind NE 15 mph. Building windswell with clear water, water temp up to 78 degrees. Low tide 6:12 a.m. and 6:42 p.m. High tide 12:29 p.m.